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The total grain storage capacity of UkrAgroCom’s elevator is 60,000 tons. The company has modern equipment for grain cleaning manufactured by Schmidth-Seeger (Germany), drying facilities and silos for storing dry and wet grain manufactured by GSI (USA), and two scales.

UkrAgroCom’s elevator was built on the territory of a former feed mill in 2002 and became the first elevator in the group’s asset portfolio. Back then, the storage capacity was 18 thousand tons.

In 2007, following a decision by UkrAgroCom and Hermes-Trading, the company underwent a major reconstruction of the facility, installing grain cleaning and drying equipment from well-known manufacturers Schmidt-Seeger (Germany) and GSI (USA), which made it possible to significantly increase the volume of grain intake, bring it to the conditioned standards, and enable simultaneous storage of 30.6 thousand tons of grains and oilseeds.

As part of the program to develop its own elevator infrastructure, in 2010 the company increased its elevator capacity to 51 thousand tons, and in the future, according to the project, it will be increased to 62 thousand tons.



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History of UkrAgroCom's elevator construction


UkrAgroCom elevator

Address: 28020, Kirovograd region, Pryiutivka village, Korystivske highway, 2-A

Phone: +38 (05235) 4-05-97, +38 (050) 341-01-53

Purchase of grain: +38 (067) 521-28-58

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