Land and river logistics

Automobile logistics

The holding has its own modern vehicle fleet. The company has formed its own logistics center, which ensures prompt grain transportation. The company provides transportation services by SCANIA and MAN trucks, which transport any cargo quickly and reliably, ensuring timely delivery. Each route is efficient, reliable and safe. We are responsible for each cargo and accompany it to the point of arrival. Vehicles are controlled by GPS monitoring.

More than 300 units of agricultural machinery and 86 grain carriers (total carrying capacity of 2.5 thousand tons).

Сільське господарство - Силос

Railway logistics

The holding owns its own fleet of grain carriages, which makes it possible to carry out high-quality transportation of a wide range of grain. All trains can be operated at all types of loading and unloading terminals. Ensuring an efficient logistics scheme, transparent pricing for services and the best possible cost for timely delivery are the main principles of our work. Upon request, we provide insurance for inventory. We prepare all the necessary documents and permits for grain transportation. We deliver rolling stock to loading and unloading stations and develop a loading and securing plan. We load and unload grain trucks in accordance with all technical specifications.

55 grain carriers (total carrying capacity of 3,850 tons)

Shipping company

In 2018, the holding expanded its activities to include river and sea logistics. The company acquired the first 2 tugs and 4 barges with a total capacity of about 8000 tons of grain, which allow it to transport about 150 thousand tons of grain per year, delivered from Svitlovodsk River Terminal and other river terminals to the main seaports of Ukraine and other river terminals.

The freight fleet is capable of transporting both its own grain supplies and those of other companies to the ports of Mykolaiv and Kherson via the Dnipro River. River transportation significantly reduces logistics costs and increases the price of agricultural products purchased at river terminals.

The company has the ability to plan its own shipments with deliveries on FAS, FOB terms to the seaports of Kherson, Mykolaiv, Mykolaiv Reid (Trutaev Bank) and sell its goods on CIF terms.

All the company’s vessels meet the requirements of international and national standards, conventions and regulations, as well as the technical requirements of the Shipping Register of Ukraine. The company’s fleet is registered under the national flag of Ukraine.

In 2020, the largest barge in the history of independent Ukraine, DNIPRO-AV-01, was built. The 128-meter barge of the D-6000 project is a river-sea type and is designed to transport grain cargo. It is a fully Ukrainian project, as the vessel was designed by a Ukrainian design bureau, made of Ukrainian steel, flies the Ukrainian flag and is maintained by Ukrainians.

7 fleet units (total carrying capacity over 15,000 tons)

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