Sugar production

Oleksandriya Sugar Plant LLC is one of the top five plants in Ukraine and specializes in the production of granulated sugar from sugar beet.

The plant has been in operation since 1961, when it was commissioned with a design capacity of 2,500 tons of beet per day.

AgroVista Holding is a powerful agricultural enterprise that pursues a consistent policy of introducing high technologies in all areas of production. Constantly increasing the area under sugar beet crops due to scientifically based crop rotation, the company simultaneously increases its processing capacity, which currently amounts to 4,000 tons of raw materials per day.

The area under sugar beet cultivation is over 6,000 hectares.

The availability of a raw material base, with the share of its own beet accounting for about 80% of the total processing volume, significantly reduces dependence on external beet supplies, optimizes their timing, reduces the cost of sugar produced, and guarantees uninterrupted and maximum output of a high-quality finished product.

At the same time, the company is willing to cooperate with agricultural producers in the region, purchasing raw materials grown by them on mutually beneficial terms. The company is interested in continuously increasing the volume of beet processing and sugar production.

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