AgroVista’s livestock business includes pork, beef and milk production.

In 2012-2013, the company implemented the first efficient dairy production complex in Ukraine with innovative design solutions – Petrykivske Moloko. The complex was unique not only in terms of introducing the latest technologies (which had previously been used only by certain segments), but also in that it is planned to keep the largest number of Holstein cattle on one production site – 5,000 heads, 2,400 of which are dairy cows. The projected capacity is 70 tons of milk per day. The average daily milk yield per cow is 30 liters. The total area of the complex is 56 hectares.

The largest investment in the development of livestock in Ukraine: UAH 251 million for the construction of Petrykivske Moloko.

In addition to the livestock of Petrykivka Milk, the group’s farms currently have 3,500 cattle, including 1,127 dairy cows. The average yield per cow is 5,730 kg of milk, and in some farms it exceeds 6,300 kg.

The farm has a breeding farm that specializes in breeding Ukrainian black-and-white cattle, which significantly improves the quality of the livestock.
The industry uses artificial insemination of cows and heifers, which results in a calf yield of over 90%.

The farms have 11,500 pigs, including 931 sows.

One of the competitive advantages of AgroVista is the production of feed at its own feed mill, which allows for strict control over the quality of feed, monitoring its impact on the animals being raised, and achieving the optimal ration in accordance with the rearing and fattening program, resulting in lower production costs.

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