Plant growing


The elevator infrastructure of AgroVista Holding with a capacity of 35 thousand tons ensures high-quality storage of grain of our own harvest and that of agricultural producers in the region. We practice additional use of the technology of storing grain in sealed flexible polyethylene sleeves.


The livestock sector of AgroVista Group includes pork, beef and milk production.

sugar beet

Sugar beet plays a special role in the company's crop production. About 40% of the region's sugar beet crops are grown on UkrAgroCom's fields, which supplies 85-90% of the work of the Oleksandriya Sugar Plant, an important part of the corporation.

The wide geography of AgroVista’s operations helps to maximize the efficiency of technical potential, as even a slight difference in temperature and soil allows us to start and complete agricultural work in Petrivskyi district earlier than in Novoukrainskyi district.

Constantly developing and not resting on its laurels, AgroVista integrates the experience of global farmers, studies the achievements of domestic scientists, analyzes the climatic and soil factors of the region, and develops and implements rational crop cultivation technologies in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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