“AgroVista has sold new crop wheat to Greece.
AgroVista has started the new 2023/2024 season by selling its products to foreign markets. The first vessel with new crop wheat of the 3rd class was delivered to Greece. The next vessel with feed wheat is scheduled to be delivered to Spain.

In this marketing year, given the closure of the grain corridor, AgroVista returned to operating logistics routes through the Danube corridor. Also, due to the high utilization of the Danube direction and the temporary absence of the grain corridor, the holding sells part of its products using other transport corridors – road, rail and river, delivering grain to the nearest ports of neighboring countries and to buyers in the EU.

Last year, using the Grain Corridor, the Danube Corridor and solidarity transit routes to the EU, the holding shipped over 0.5 million tons of grain to the Mediterranean, Middle East and Turkey, and sold a significant part of its products on the domestic market of Egypt.

We would like to thank the companies and organizations that helped us to deliver, transship and sell agricultural products in such difficult conditions for Ukraine and each of our farmers.


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